Quick and Easy Changes to Get More Out of Your Bathroom

Whether you’re digging through piles of cotton swabs to find toothpaste, climbing mountains of towels to find spare toilet paper, or spending hours searching for your hair dryer, it may be time to organize your bathroom. When you have to deal with a tiny bathroom, storage space is overwhelmed and can be cluttered instantly without smart configuration.

Fortunately, the answer to most of your messy bathrooms can be found in a number of well-located and cleverly designed bathroom organizers. If you’re almost ready to start modeling your small bathroom, take a moment to consider using some of these practical and inexpensive organizers to store your most essential personal care products.

Tight Polar Shower Organizer
Sometimes the problem of organizing your bathroom comes in the form of roommates or family members. When you need to share a small bathroom, one of the first places to suffer from discomfort is the shower or bathtub itself. If they are usually greeted with piles of half-empty shampoo bottles and hastily draped face towels during the morning shower, the tight bar of a bathroom can be a lifesaver.

This innovative shower organizer is designed to fit in any corner of the shower and is fixed with a spring tensioned rod that fits between the shower floor and ceiling. The rod can fit in almost any space and extends from 72 to 98 inches. Constructed in stainless steel with an attractive nickel finish, the organizer offers four large baskets to hold shampoo, soap, razors and more, and a hook to hang loops and towels.

Two baskets over the door
If your storage problems occur mainly outside the shower, however, it makes sense to start using a slightly more inert space in the bathroom. Each cramped bathroom can have an extra chance to store in seconds with the amazing two basket fabrics suspended.
Designed to match any standard door with almost no installation, this large organizer instantly adds two spacious wire baskets 28 inches long and 5 inches wide to your bathroom. While baskets are a great place to store shampoo, lotions, dry products and more, the towel rack hanging underneath will keep two towels dry and inactive when not in use.

Great savings bathroom
Another area of the bathroom not normally used is just above the toilet. Excellent personal care products save a lot of storage space and have a variety of styles to match your bathroom decor. From simple extra pipes and wire boxes to wrought iron units with cabinets, bathroom railings are a great place to store extra towels, fabrics and toilets. Designed to fit well in any standard bathroom, these rugged racks can also handle heavier bills, including cleaning supplies.

Expandable under the sink
Another bathroom space with large storage is the area under the sink. However plumbing can make this place a difficult home for most bathroom objects. Fortunately, the extendable shelf under the sink has a unique and clever design that eliminates that annoying number.
This sturdy two-state steel mesh shelf expands from 18 to 30 inches, leaving space in the center that allows drain pipes to move without compromising storage space. The unit also has five removable panels on each shelf, so it can hold even irregular tubes, providing maximum space.

Door rubbish
In a tiny bathroom, even a simple bin can clog up and waste valuable space. The practical door compartment allows you to keep possible glass out of sight, freeing up a little more space on the floor. This large basket uses standard garbage bags and is safely installed after minutes. This excellent container is available in 18 or 7 bedroom sizes to fit any space and has the added benefit of keeping trash out of the reach of pets and children.

Born Caddy
Finally, it is sometimes the simplest of the products that matter most. The auxiliary toilet cart has a sturdy toilet paper holder, a storage shelf at the bottom and a bar designed to hold 3 extra rolls, effectively removing those inconvenient packages of toilet paper.
It doesn’t matter if your bathroom lacks space, lots of users or both, a smart little reorganization and some well-used organizers can make a big difference. You will be surprised to see how some necessary shelves or towels can transform your bathroom

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Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

To change your bathroom’s overall look, you need to remodel your bathroom. But, without great ideas, you can’t remodel your bathroom. Hence, you should consider many things when remodeling a bathroom.

First of all, you have to consider your budget. Because, only the right budget can give you an ideal remodeling. So, before remodeling, you must consider your budget.
Apart from the budget, there are more things to consider. Just take a look at the list below and you will know – how to remodel your bathroom perfectly.

1) Your Bathroom’s Size
Your bathroom’s size is an important thing to consider. If you have a big bathroom, then you may have to spend more money. Moreover, your bathroom’s plumbing may become more complicated. Hence, consider your bathroom’s size and then remodel it.

2) Natural Light
Some bathrooms don’t get enough natural light. These bathrooms need bright LED lights and light colors. But, if your bathroom gets a good amount of natural light, then you can use deep colors. So, when remodeling, consider your bathroom’s natural light.

3) Shower Panels or Bathtubs
You may like to take bath under shower panels or in a bathtub. Now, before remodeling your bathroom, you have to decide – what should you install in your bathroom. You can install a shower panel or a bathtub. If you have enough space, then you can also install both of them.
You can also install attractive shower enclosures. Glass shower enclosures look beautiful. So, you can install it.

4) Curtains
Old and boring curtains won’t make your bathroom impressive. Hence, use some bright colored curtains. You can use it on your bathroom’s windows and shower places.

5) Colors
Your bathroom’s color is an essential thing to consider. Great colors can make your bathroom alive. So, choose some amazing color combinations and make your bathroom attractive.

6) Tiles
Tiles are another important thing to consider. You can use great-looking tiles on your bathroom’s floor. Even, some people use tiles on their bathroom’s walls. So, take your decision – how to use tiles in your bathroom.

7) Shelves and Mirror
Your bathroom must have small shelves. You can keep many things (toothpaste, brush, soaps, shampoos, etc) on these shelves. Apart from that, a nice big mirror should also be in your bathroom.

8) Perfect Plumbing
You must hire a good plumber to do all your bathroom’s plumbing. Your toilet and shower should have a good supply of water. Moreover, you should also install new pipes when remodeling.

9) Cabinetry
You can keep towels, magazines, floor cleaners inside a cabinet. Hence, your bathroom must have one or two cabinets. They can make your bathroom look organized.

10) Cleanliness
Some people don’t consider trash cans to be an important thing. But a trash can save your bathroom from extra messes. Your bathroom will appear clean. So, keep a trash can in your bathroom.

Remodeling a bathroom may appear to be an uphill task. But, if you consider some points, then you can remodel it easily. You can consider the above points while remodeling your bathroom. So, count your budget and start remodeling your bathroom.

Pro Tip: Before you start any remodeling project make sure you have a construction dumpster parked and ready to go to help you deal with the mess!

Choosing Bathroom Tile

The look and feel of your bathing space is largely dictated by the different elements of your bathroom and hence you should select every element carefully so that you will get the desired kind of space. This will help you and your family to enjoy using this space with complete relaxation and comfort. Among the other elements, you should pay special attention to the tiles as it will determine the overall look of your bathroom. Hence, you will need to find out how to choose the right tile for your bathroom so that you will make the best selection of the tiles. The selection of the tiles might be the most overwhelming situation for you a a homeowner as there are a plethora of different colors, styles, shapes, materials and designs of the tiles. But you should select an option that will make your space look attractive and beautiful but it should also be within your budget.

There are different factors that you will need to consider when choosing the right tile for your bathroom and the most important factor is the color of the tiles. You should select a color based on the amount of available space in your bathroom so that you will get the desired kind of look. If you want to make this space appear bigger then you should opt for light colored tiles but for making a bold statement, you should consider opting for dark colored tiles. If you want to experiment with different looks, you should opt for bathroom tiles that are funky and attractive as it will make the space look alive and interesting. Moreover, if you have larger bathroom, you should opt for more saturated and darker hues so that you will get an amazing look. Furthermore, for an interesting modern bathroom look, you should opt for pops of colors in between the tiles placement so that you will get an amazing looking space.

The right kind of materials of the bathroom tiles is also very important and you have plenty of choices that you can select from which includes man-made tiles or real stone tiles. You will love the beauty and character of the natural stone but it also requires a higher level of care and maintenance. You will also have to reseal the tiles after a period of time so that it will remain well maintained and you will love the uniqueness of the stone. Finally, the most important factor to consider is the budget for the tiles installation so that you will not have to spend money for the tiles installation. When you have determined the right kind of tiles for your bathroom, you should also keep in mind the budget so that you will get the most cost effective option. You should hire professionals for the tasks for tiles installation so that you will get the desired quality of service for your home. After the installation, you should also carry on the maintenance so that the tiles will look beautiful for many years to come.-

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Shower vs. Bathtub: Which is better?

Many homes have more than one bathroom with a shower or bath in it. If your bathroom is of a small size, then you may consider replacing the tubs with showers or rather replace showers with tubs for guests who come with young children. When choosing between a bathtub and a shower, you need to look at the following factors:

-Shower or bath time
If you want to take a quick bath, then the shower is the ideal solution. It is worth noting that after a long tiresome day, a hot shower has the ability of soothing sore muscles. If you have time on your hands to take a soaking bath then a tub is the ideal option. There those evenings when you want to have a relaxing moment in a soaking tub. If your joints and muscles are aching, then a tab with water jets is suitable and will help you relax. Soaking your body in hot water will help you ease pain and at the same time relax your body muscles and relieve you from stress.

-A little luxury
If you need installing additional luxury in your master bathroom, you should install both a shower and a tub. When choosing a fixture for a luxury bathroom, be keen on features. For instance, a freestanding tub gives a beautiful centerpiece for any tab. This however does not have to be the only luxury fixture in your master bedroom. You should also have a beautiful shower right beside the tub.

Having extra-large walk-in showers can give you a spa-like experience with additions of water jets, rain shower-heads, and benches.

-Convenience for people with special needs
If there is any member of the family who has mobility problems, then a cur-bless walk-in shower with a bench will be the most ideal. If the family member has a walker or a wheelchair, then a walk-in shower is a must-have. If your home is in an area with an aging population, or a place where elderly parents are moving in with their children, then a cur-bless walk-in shower will be the most ideal in case you decide to sell your home.
For young parents however with young children, having a tab is usually the most ideal option. A tub will serve best if there are several growing children in a home. In case you are planning to sell your home, a bathtub usually puts your house at the forefront of receiving the best bids.

-Water Use
Showers are known to use about two-thirds the amount of water of baths respectively. For a whirlpool tub or deep soaker tub, too much water is usually used. On average it’s about eighty to a hundred gallons. If you take a ten-minute shower using a low-flow shower-head shower, you will use just about twenty gallons of water. However, if you reduce the shower time, you will use less water. A bathtub however uses the same amount of water regardless of how long you stay in it.

All that being said, our vote is bathtub is better. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Double Sinks In Your Bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, you probably wonder whether you should simply install one sink or instead opt for two sinks. A bathroom that contains two sinks offers more benefits than a a bathroom that only features one sink.
Double sinks in bathrooms are an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners.

So why have double sinks in your bathroom? Here are five solid reasons that you should.

  1. The Bathroom Counter Will Be Bigger
    Double sinks do not just mean double faucets. Two sinks also mean that the counter will be twice as big as a result. More counter space is always a welcome addition to any bathroom, as you can fit more items by the sink or lessen the likelihood that you might accidentally elbow something onto the floor.

  2. Additional Features For Single Bathrooms
    If you have just one bathroom in your house, a double sink vanity will give you double the sink basins and more counter space. You won’t need a second bathroom just to add another sink to your home.
    You can also add two freestanding pedestal sinks for added elbow room if two people are in the bathroom at once.

  3. You Have A Partner Or Family
    When you live with other people, you probably find that your entire household seems to want to use the sink at the same time. Two sinks provide you with the immediate benefit of accommodating two people at once. This way, two of you can get ready in the morning without jostling each other.

    If you live with a romantic partner and both lead busy lives, you can each brush your teeth and ready yourselves for the day at your respective sinks. This way, you can perform your morning routines twice as quickly without needing to take turns.

  4. You Have A Roommate
    If you live with a roommate, you probably both enjoy having your own space. If your bathroom has only one sink, your toothbrushes and other personal items are crammed together in one place. With two sinks, you can each choose one for your own and set your individual belongings around each one so that no mix ups occur.
    Double sinks enable you and your roommate keep out of each other’s personal space a bit even while you share the same quarters.

  5. Additional Value
    If you ever plan on selling your house in the future, a bathroom that features a double sink is a commodity when it comes to sale price. Since double sinks provide homeowners with convenience and time-saving benefits, your house will be more valuable than one that only has single sinks.

    Double sinks are also more visually appealing and will catch potential buyers’ eyes more easily than a single sink would.

    When you consider all the factors involved, the choice of adding a double sink provides far more benefits than one sink does. Whether you live alone, with somebody else, or have a large family, a bathroom with double sinks will make your life easier.

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