5 Reasons Why You Should Have Double Sinks In Your Bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, you probably wonder whether you should simply install one sink or instead opt for two sinks. A bathroom that contains two sinks offers more benefits than a a bathroom that only features one sink.
Double sinks in bathrooms are an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners.

So why have double sinks in your bathroom? Here are five solid reasons that you should.

  1. The Bathroom Counter Will Be Bigger
    Double sinks do not just mean double faucets. Two sinks also mean that the counter will be twice as big as a result. More counter space is always a welcome addition to any bathroom, as you can fit more items by the sink or lessen the likelihood that you might accidentally elbow something onto the floor.

  2. Additional Features For Single Bathrooms
    If you have just one bathroom in your house, a double sink vanity will give you double the sink basins and more counter space. You won’t need a second bathroom just to add another sink to your home.
    You can also add two freestanding pedestal sinks for added elbow room if two people are in the bathroom at once.

  3. You Have A Partner Or Family
    When you live with other people, you probably find that your entire household seems to want to use the sink at the same time. Two sinks provide you with the immediate benefit of accommodating two people at once. This way, two of you can get ready in the morning without jostling each other.

    If you live with a romantic partner and both lead busy lives, you can each brush your teeth and ready yourselves for the day at your respective sinks. This way, you can perform your morning routines twice as quickly without needing to take turns.

  4. You Have A Roommate
    If you live with a roommate, you probably both enjoy having your own space. If your bathroom has only one sink, your toothbrushes and other personal items are crammed together in one place. With two sinks, you can each choose one for your own and set your individual belongings around each one so that no mix ups occur.
    Double sinks enable you and your roommate keep out of each other’s personal space a bit even while you share the same quarters.

  5. Additional Value
    If you ever plan on selling your house in the future, a bathroom that features a double sink is a commodity when it comes to sale price. Since double sinks provide homeowners with convenience and time-saving benefits, your house will be more valuable than one that only has single sinks.

    Double sinks are also more visually appealing and will catch potential buyers’ eyes more easily than a single sink would.

    When you consider all the factors involved, the choice of adding a double sink provides far more benefits than one sink does. Whether you live alone, with somebody else, or have a large family, a bathroom with double sinks will make your life easier.

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